History of the Retreads

The RETREADS are motorcycle enthusiasts who have attained and passed the age of 40 (spouse of the member need not be 40 to be a member). We are riders, mechanics, dealers or just people who enjoy associating with the motorcyclist and motorcycles. We are members of the RETREADS MOTORCYCLE CLUB INTERNATIONAL INC., American Motorcyclist Association, Charter # 3233. Our headquarters are located in Albany, Indiana, USA. The International President and Secretary are Larry and Marlene Patton. The Club was born in 1969 by five men through a "letters" column in a motorcycle magazine. The first President was George Spidell of El Cajon, California. He was President from 1969 to 1974, and again from 1978 to 1981. Since the beginning the RETREADS have continued to grow until we now number more than 6,000 across the United States and Canada.

RETREADS are found in Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and anywhere there are motorcycle enthusiasts. Don't be surprised to be recognized and acknowledged when you wear the RETREADS crest. Many great friendships have been started by the recognition of the RETREADS crest. Then the story-telling starts! The club is non-political in nature and affiliates with no other organization other than the American Motorcyclist Association.

RETREADS OFFICERS: There is an international President, Secretary, Legislative officer, Referee (as required by the American Motorcyclist Association) and 6 directors.

The RETREADS are a friendship club, a get-together club. Our common interest in the motorcycle leads to many new friendships. The club encourages participation in all aspects of the motorcycle world. Club activities are as varied as the members themselves. Activities range from local breakfasts and "get-togethers" to area, regional and international events. Members are kept informed of the various activities by the Club Newsletter. There are no dues, no membership fees. However, annual donations are requested to support the publication and distribution of the Club Newsletter. Club regalia is available to each member at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, the price of membership is simply a desire to enjoy the company of and good times with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. Membership lasts in the RETREADS for as long as you wish. However, annual donations to your local chapter are necessary to maintain current membership cards and to ensure receipt of the Club Newsletter. We wear our crests with pride! It identifies us as members of a select group that enjoy a wonderful sport, good times, many laughs and miles of open road.

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